So: Tonight I got crank call number 20 or so from "Windows Support Service". They asked if I was Anthony Holmes and spent 15 minutes trying to show me how they had detected faults on my computer. I told them I couldn't find any Start button on the left hand side of my screen and I couldn't see a Windows key on my keyboard, which made it hard for them to open Windows logs to scare me with me non-serious Windows errors. Eventually they sought a face saving way to get out of the call: they said they needed to check they had called the correct customer. They asked me if I was Mike Holmes. I REALLY threw them when I agreed that my name was Mike. And I agreed my address was the spurious address they offered: 16 Moray Street. It takes a lot to persuade these people to hang up, but that did it.

During these calls I generally keep doing whatever I was doing before they phoned, and every so often answer their questions (slow responses don't make them hang up). At least while they are talking to me they're not calling someone more gullible or less IT literate. I once got them to the point where they gave me a logmein code to remote access my PC. I reported that to logmein who said they regarded reports of misuse very seriously. I hope it caused problems for "Windows Support Service", but I doubt it.

Now I'll just have to work out my strategy for the next time they call. (Because I've learnt that no matter how much I waste their time, they never put me on a blacklist.)

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Anthony Holmes May 31st, 2011 07:11:15 PM